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Online Surveys

We organise online surveys published on the internet for consumers to complete. These surveys are usually compiled by companies looking for a way to improve their products or services. They are normally targeted at a specific group of consumers.

As an incentive for consumers to complete these online surveys, there is often a prize draw. In some cases you are able to collect points for each completed survey and put these towards purchasing a gift within the programme that the survey company participates. These surveys can take from just a few minutes up to 30 minutes to complete. The incentive will often range from a few pennies up to a £1 depending upon the length of the survey. The prize draw will comprise either a variety of prizes or a reward in the form of a voucher.

Genuine Companies

Genuine online surveys will not ask you for any personal details. However when you initially register with an online survey company, they will require information such as your age, gender, income and interests. Once registered the company will email you with surveys they would like you to complete.

Once you click on a survey, the first few questions will check that you are eligible to complete the questionnaire. For example, they may be looking for men aged 35-45 who watch a particular TV programme. The first few questions would check your age, gender and the TV programmes you watch. Once you are past this stage and able to complete the survey, you are then entered into the draw or are eligible for points in their incentive scheme.

Looking After Your Information

Legitimate survey research companies should never divulge your identity, personal information or individual answers.They need to have specifically asked you for your permission. In addition, they should never pass on your name or phone number to anyone else. Other than to verify that you have completed a survey, no one should ever contact you as a result of your participation

 Online Surveys

Talkclub will occasionally ask you to complete a short online survey. If you are eligible to take the survey, upon completion you will be entered into a prize draw. Often our surveys do not take long to complete and the prize draw takes place within a short time frame. We hope you will find them interesting and look forward to your participation.