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Terms & Conditions

When you sign up to Talkclub we will email about research projects coming up. In order to target the right people and not send you unnecessary emails, it helps us to know some basic details about you. If – for example – we are looking for men in Birmingham aged 30-50 who have bought a mobile phone recently, we send an email to men in the Midlands in that age range. 

To help us find the right people, when joining Talkclub you are agreeing to the following:

  • You are 16 years or older.
  • You will register with Talkclub just the once.
  • The responses you give us about how you use brands or products and your previous participation in research will be accurate.
  • If Talkclub needs to doublecheck your initial responses, you are happy to repeat these.
  • You will turn up on time to those research sessions you agree to attend
  • You are who you say you are and can bring ID to research sessions (we will remind you when you are participating in a project).
  • Talkclub has no obligation in respect of any personal tax due on the gratuity/incentive given to you.

At the research session you attend, you may be asked to sign a form to confirm both receipt of your gratuity and that the information given to us previously was correct.

In return, Talkclub will:

  • Invite you to take part in suitable market research projects.
  • Where the event is face to face (i.e. a group discussion or interview), ensure that you will receive your incentive on the spot or via a bank transfer within three working days after your interviewer confirms your attendance at the research.
  • Ensure that you receive your incentive within 4 weeks of any research on the telephone or on-line.
  • Abide by the Data Protection Act 1998 and UK-GDPR.

Talkclub cannot guarantee that you will be selected for any research and reserves the right to cancel your Talkclub account and with it any rewards due to you if you do not comply with these Terms & Conditions.